Caring for Creation Challenge

What are you doing for Lent 2014?

Lent is traditionally a time for Christians to give something up, as a way of drawing us closer to God. This year, instead of giving up something like meat or chocolate, consider "giving up" part of your impact on the earth and “taking up” small actions that enhance God’s creation. The First United Methodist Church community will be talking about Caring for Creation and encouraging all members to make small changes to care for God's creation during Lent.

See story in the Lafayette Journal and Courier here.

A calendar of suggestions is available at Each week has a theme, such as “Connect with Creation”, “Celebrate Clean Water”, and “Conserve Energy”, which will be introduced on Sunday and developed throughout the week. Besides the summary in the calendar, more information and links to resources will be available on our Facebook page ( Some actions take little effort, and some – especially those on Fridays – challenge you to do more. We encourage you to discuss these actions with your family, and take on what works for you. We are all more likely to carry through with our intentions when we share with others, so we will have discussion opportunities online and at church.

Creation is God's gift to everyone. We all depend on it for sustaining life, and we have a responsibility to care for it so that all people, including future generations, can enjoy its bounty. Please use the calendar with your family to take actions that will, in a small way, care for God’s wonderful creation.