Village Nursery School

The Village Nursery School was established at First United Methodist Church, West Lafayette, Ind.,  in 1972 with the philosophy and educational understanding that young children learn best in an atmosphere of purposeful and productive play experiences. 

The learning activities planned, the selection of educational toys and materials, and even the organization of the space and the schedule give children the foundation of learning they need to succeed throughout their academic careers and beyond.

Our programs serve children ages infant through preschool.

The registration period for the 2017-2018 school year has ended. Please contact the director at 765-743-4039 to inquire about possible openings.

Calendar for 2019-2020

There are changing weekly themes that give the children an exposure to many interesting science and social studies related topics. In the course of their years at Village, culminating in our pre-k class, the children are well prepared for entering kindergarten.

 We are very proud of the success of our “alums." It is our goal that VNS children become independent, self confident, curious learners who work well with others. Besides receiving an excellent pre-reading and math foundation, VNS children also learn how to be a member of a group as they sing together, participate in interesting discussions, take turns with the weather chart and calendar, or listen to a story. They also learn to complete “assignments”, follow multi-step verbal directions, wait their turn to speak, and be responsible for their school things. 

Learning is all around them and in an environment that feels safe and secure, every child has a chance to flourish. 

See the Village Nursery School website go to link here.

Our director is Beth McCool. For more information or registration forms, please contact her at or 765-743-4039.