In the heart of our vibrant congregation, the First United Methodist Church (FUMC) Governance Board stands as a dedicated group of individuals working tirelessly to steer our spiritual community towards growth and transformation. At the helm of this dynamic team is Perry Brown, a seasoned leader who serves as the President of the FUMC Governance Board. With his guidance and the collective efforts of the board members, First Church is setting its sights on a future full of positive change and impactful projects.

Comprised of eight to ten members from various church organizations, including trustee boards, ministries, and lay positions, the Governance Board is the driving force behind many of FUMC’s initiatives. One of their key responsibilities is making decisions on behalf of the church, ensuring its smooth operation and continued progress. Perry explains, “As members of the Governance Board, we use our worldly expertise to get things done on behalf of First Church. We solve problems and come up with solutions to move our ministries forward.”

Meetings of the Governance Board are characterized by their openness and inclusivity, reflecting the church’s commitment to transparency and community involvement. However, certain matters such as personnel issues, human resources, and salaries are discussed in closed sessions. Perry emphasizes the significance of maintaining communication between board members, stating, “We conduct monthly meetings as a group, and in the meantime, we’re bouncing emails back and forth to continue conversations.”

Perry Brown’s journey on the Governance Board is emblematic of his dedication to FUMC’s mission. Starting as the vice president, Perry was later appointed as the president, a role he has fulfilled for two years. With a background that includes serving as the President of the Lockheed City Council and 24 years as a city councilman, Perry brings a wealth of experience to his leadership role. His 15-year affiliation with First Church exemplifies his deep-rooted commitment to the congregation.

The Governance Board has been diligently working on projects that resonate deeply within the First Church community, such as church security and the new welcome sign out front. Another project close to their hearts is the renovation of the Narthex space, which aims to maintain its warm and welcoming atmosphere. The board’s passion for these endeavors is evident as Perry states, “We have to move forward because people are more likely to get on a bus if they think it’s going somewhere. That’s the image we want of First Church – a church that is moving forward, trying to advance God’s Kingdom.”

Collaboration with the FUMC Foundation has been instrumental in realizing the Governance Board’s vision. Many projects require funding beyond the scope of church income, and the Foundation plays a pivotal role in supporting these initiatives. According to Perry, “Our job is to ensure that the Foundation understands exactly what we’re trying to accomplish. We propose projects to the Foundation, and they ask us questions. It allows us to think thoroughly about what we plan to do.”

The board’s goal is to align the church’s activities with the spiritual needs of the community, ensuring that all voices are heard and valued. To strengthen this collaborative spirit, Perry encourages First Church members to actively engage with the Governance Board. “Ask us questions. Tell us what you need,” says Perry. “What is the church doing to meet your spiritual needs? Are there issues around the church that you think we need to address? We want to know what’s on your mind.”

With Perry Brown’s steadfast leadership and the dedication of the Governance Board, FUMC is embarking on a transformative journey, one that promises growth, unity, and a deeper connection to faith. As they continue their work, the board is looking ahead with excitement. Future plans include reimagining church worship spaces and instigating lasting transformations. Despite the challenges of change, the board’s optimism shines through: “We are more hopeful now than ever,” says Perry. “We’re excited about what we’re doing and where we plan to go in the future. It’s just a matter of setting the table.”

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